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Hi, and welcome to my site. My name is Rick Rodriguez and I am a PHP developer. I have been in the information technology industry for the last 17 years. My knowledge and skill set include but is not limited to, PHP, MySQL, Jquery, HTML and CSS. I have also had extensive experience and understanding configuring web servers as well database servers.

One of the main purposes of this site, is providing information on technology issues as well as other items. I am hoping that when someone visits this site, they will leave it with something useful or at least something I have provided here.

Recruiters, please read!

If you are a recruiter with any company looking for a php developer, I am not your guy right now. I am currently not looking for work and I am happily employed. Please forgive me for not removing my resume sooner. I guess I didn't realize that having my resume in different formats on my site missled some to believe that I am/was looking for work. I am not and as soon as I am, I will post it here in big red words. Thank you for contacting me if you did.

Read My Blog

I am not a huge blogger but I do from time to time add some entries in order to keep track of items I have fixed or otherwise just experienced. This way I can pass it on to anyone who might be interested in reading.

  • Integrated with for payment integration
  • Integrated with SuperPages
  • Integrated with CyberSource for payment integration
  • Worked with PHP 4 all the way up to current
  • Managed and maintained many different version of MySQL
  • Thoroughly understand Apache Web Server
  • Programmed system automation with Bash, Perl, and PHP
  • Used on various projects the Smarty Templating Engine and leveraged the MVC model
  • I have worked on Fedora, Centos, Red Hat, and many other versions of Unix/Linux versions
  • Lan/Wan Security and setup, Firewalls (Iptables)
  • Provided Desktop support in a multiuser environment (Win 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista)
  • See my resume for further information

I am currently not available for any long-term contract or permanent work. However, I am willing to entertain any short term, part-time work.

If you are interested in contacting me, please email me at

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