About Me

W ho am I?

My name is Ricardo Rodriguez. My friends know me as Rick or Ricky. Whatever you choose to call me, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am an educator locally here in South Florida. My background and skill set is based on Web Development for many years. This is my website where you can get to know a little about me.
This picture is of me.  I am wearing my FIU shirt and I took the picture in my classroom.

A deaper read

Well, if you read the top part, you are probably wondering, how does someone with twenty two years of experience in Open Soure Web Development go from private industry to being an educator? Good question. The short version is family.

To me, family is everything. My spouse and I both had jobs that required too many hours and someone had to be home for the kids. So, as a secondary option, being an educator was always something that interested me. Being one would help me with taking care of my family and doing something I always wanted to do. For me it was a win win situation. I teach technology, which is something I enjoy doing, but I also get to be home with my kids.

Those are the Cliff Notes of my story. If you want to read more, then click on the link below.

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An image of fabi during his bday.
My oldest son (Fabian).
Danny posing during a visit to New Orleans
My youngest son (Danny).
The four of us during a visit to New Orleans just recently.
Our family.